Monday, May 5, 2014


John had a busy weekend. He's on another mission: this one involves hauling around literally tons of landscape rock, pulling out trees, and mapping out a new location for our fire pit.

He's pretty entertaining when he's on a mission. I supervise from my hammock chair.

When we built the house, we made a classic mistake in our landscaping in that we put in a whole bunch of trees underestimating the mature size of these things. As a result, several ended up squished and very strangely shaped. We didn't understand back then that here in the Pacific Northwest, anything that you put into the ground grows. And grows and grows and grows.

John decided to chop down this evergreen tree, planted far too close to our big deodara. Our previous schnauzer Maggie used to love to hide underneath it's branches.

It looks so bare in that corner now, but I know that we'll choose another plant and it will fill in the space in no time. We'll be more careful to pick one that won't outgrow the spot.

Lulu supervised too.

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