Monday, May 19, 2014

I Got My Goat

One of my goals for our time in Glacier National Park was to see a mountain goat. Because I love goats. I don't know why. I just do.

So when we entered the park and had a chance to talk to a ranger, we were told where to go to have the very best chance of seeing my goat: the goat lick, which is where they go to lick salt and minerals off a cliff. We immediately zoomed over to the lick.

And watched, and waited and........nada. Nope. Not one. So I took a picture of a picture of a goats, bought myself a goat mug from the gift shop, and we moved on to explore another area of the park.

It was a beautiful drive over and I was still lamenting my being deprived of a goat-sighting when I saw THIS.

I commenced hysterical blabbering immediately. Luckily John is fluent in Julia-gone-gaga, and pulled over to the side of the road as I snapped pictures like crazy.

She all but hopped into the car with me. I would have happily let her in but for some reason John thought we shouldn't. Pffffttt.

My goat friend had lots of other buddies:

Can this trip get ANY BETTER?


Anonymous said...

Goats are awesome...that's why you love goats! I have several goats now and who knew their antics would be so enchanting. Great pics! Goats are hard to house-train so John probably made the right decision....

Anonymous said...

You are better off staying in your car, as there have been some dangerous interactions with mountain goats in Olympic National Park: