Thursday, May 15, 2014

Autoimmunity Simplified With a Smile

Thanks to Lene Anderson, author of TheSeatedView blog for tweeting the link to this cartoon which offers the best and most simple definition of autoimmunity that I've seen in a long while:

Cartoon from Beatrice the Biologist, found here. Here's another great example of her cartoons:

Awesomeness in one frame. Excellent.

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Heda said...

After all these years (30 plus) I still feel uncomfortable with the autoimmune label. The bit in my heart that measures what rings true is completely silent on autoimmune. My system is not attacking me. It is trying to protect me from attack from some microbial source ie. It is an immune response NOT an autoimmune one. I don't know exactly what that is but I do know that if I stop my long term, low dose, antibiotic therapy my disease goes into overdrive. I wish research would catch up with those of us on the 'autoimmune' spectrum.