Monday, April 14, 2014

Goober Meter

Although I love my Easter mug, it's especially hard to drink from it without leaving some of it's contents on ME. 

Yesterday, as I was slipping on my jacket before church, I noticed with some impatience that it was prominently sporting a healthy sized goober on my left lapel.

Oh, brother. Not again.

.:: clarification note: a Goober is defined as the result of depositing food or beverage onto articles of clothing during the effort to ingest said food or beverage product. Not to be confused with a Booger, which I'd rather not discuss at the moment.::.

My jacket is black and the goober -- I have no clue whatsoever what it contained -- was white and grainy. Of course. I grabbed a sheet of paper towel, dampened one corner, and began to scrub away the most obvious spots. Which was all of them because the goober was WHITE on a BLACK jacket, for cryin' out loud. While I was vigorously rubbing away, it occurred to me that this incident actually was a good thing. Not because I had dribbled something on a very visible place on my frequently worn coat, but rather that I noticed that I had goobered, and that I cared that I had goobered.

Hm. I actually CARED. appears that..... my perceived level of irritation with clothing goobers seems to be inversely proportional to my fatigue levels. Well, now. I think I may have found myself yet another way to gauge my fatigue. WHY should I need tools to assess my fatigue? Because when I'm tired, I'm stupid. I need all the help that I can get. I'm thinking that this tired/stupid/goober measurement tool looks like this:

-- Low fatigue = Good grief! Why didn't someone TELL me that I had coffee dribbled down the front of my white t-shirt! Aaaacccckkkk! *frantically runs to closet to grab a new blouse*

-- Moderate fatigue = Oh, hey. There's something on my shirt. Again. *pulls sweatshirt over the top of goobered clothing*

-- Crash fatigue = Shirt? Am I wearing a shirt? Good. Coffee? Is there coffee made? Good. Sluuurrrrppppp. *dribble dribble dribble*

Yeah. I think I'm onto something here.


Kelly said...

So glad to hear you are feeling well enough to scrub a spot off your coat! What might be the next repository of this burgeoning energy suppy is what I'm wondering...possibly tie-dyed eggs for the Easter Celebration you are so wisely going to enjoy as a guest this year?

mcspires said...

LOL this made my day. I have just lately been noticing that I can tell my fatigue level by makeup. I used to be one of "those" girls that never left without makeup. My have my standards changed. In fact, I have lost my lip liner and mascara both this past week and I can't even care.

Heda said...

Absolutely. Hand washed a long sleeved polo shirt which unfortunately fell on the ground while drying on a clothes horse on the front verandah. Very windy night. Bad dirt marks on white collars and front of shirt. Too jolly tired to care so wore it anyway. Hey, it was clean even if a bit dusty.