Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Checking In

I had an appointment with my rheumatologist Dr. Young Guy yesterday. Funny how regardless of how I feel when I walk into that appointment, without fail I leave feeling better. Encouraged. Like we have a plan of action. I of course feel exactly the same symptom-wise, but the fact that I have someone on my side in this fight against Sjogren's is pretty powerful medicine.

We had quite a bit to talk about during this visit, the most important item being the fact that I seem to be tolerating the rituximab infusions quite well. My neutrophil counts continue to remain in the normal range, and I'm just beginning to feel a boost in my energy.

Dr Y.G asked me how I would describe that feeling. I can't put it into words, I said. The best way to explain it is that somehow the balance of fatigue/energy just seemed to.....shift. A little for the better. Something has changed, but I can't express this well.

On the less positive side of things, we also discussed my recent subacute cutaneous lupus flare-up. Sigh. I hate looking so spotty.

**WARNING** The following pictures are ewwwwww-provoking. Feel free to scroll right past them. I have been wanting to get back into the community swimming pool, but think I will wait until this rash settles down a bit. Would YOU want to be swimming alongside someone who looked like this?

I didn't think so. I wouldn't want to, either.

We're hoping that as the rituximab effects kick in more strongly that my rash will respond by fading, plus I have a brand spankin' new tube of triamcinolone cream. I'm to apply it twice a day. John has to slather the stuff on my back which is where that big nasty thing is on the first picture. I tried wrapping a wooden spoon with paper toweling to try to apply it myself.......didn't work so well. Having my hubs around sure comes in handy now and then. Grin.

We ended the appointment by discussing Reasonably Well, about which Dr. YG commented, "Keep it up! You're doing a good job!"

I consider that high praise which was much appreciated.

Then he asked, "What are you going to call me in your blog when I'm not YOUNG any more?"

I had to think about that. I decided that since he will always be many many years younger than I am, he will always qualify as being a youngster. So there you have it, I told him. You will always be Dr. Young Guy.

You'll be Dr. Young Guy always, you young whippersnapper. Deal with it -- but don't change one bit. I like you just the way you are.

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annie said...

So glad you're doing well, but so sorry about your rash. Whether it's itchy or not, it does look painful and fragile. I hope the cream works for you. I know this good weather will help us, in spirit if not in body.