Saturday, March 1, 2014

Treats, Treats, and More Treats.....

Woo hoo! Finally a good way to use up my leftover pecans from Christmastime. 

I've been wondering what treat I should bring to my infusion team on Tuesday. Because, of course, the treats are the most important event of the day.

Oh, and I'll be getting an infusion too. Righto.....

So I was debating the merits of various goodies to give the staff with my friend Naomi, who moved here from the south having grown up in Louisiana. She reminded me that I'll be at the infusion center on Mardi Gras. Brilliant! And even better, she offered to whip up a batch of home made pralines for me to give as staff treats. She assures me that pralines are a very traditional Fat Tuesday goodie.

Am I a lucky duck, or what?! I think the staff will be willing to forego mouse themed snacks in lieu of a Mardi Gras confection.

The hard part will be ensuring that these candies arrive at the infusion center in a festively decorated gift basket. Not inside my tummy.

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Robin said...

Decorate your festive basket in purple, gold and green and it will be perfect for Mardi Gras.