Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'd better not be hearing your voices, gentlemen.

I don't think we have cell phone coverage up in the Bearded Dog Pub, John and Greg..

Friday night, John and I were having dinner with the usual suspects.

Meaning Terese and Greg, of course.

Somehow the dinner table conversation came around to my upcoming interview today. For about thirty seconds, the discussion was predictable and logical. And then, right on schedule, the course of our discourse took a nosedive into silly-ville when Greg asked with a dangerous gleam in his eye, "Hey. Can ANYONE call in to this program?"

Hoo boy. I could see where this was going.

Um. Um. Um....

"Why, YES Greg! It's a LIVE interview!" said John while smiling broadly at Greg.


"We could call in together!" said Greg. "From the Bearded Dog Pub!"

This would not be good. Boys. This would NOT BE A GOOD IDEA.

"We could ask some really interesting questions."



"Yeah! We could call in and ask stuff like....."

They pondered for a second. And came up with these beauties. Hm. Come to think of it, most of these questions reference John and Greg's previous shenanigans:

"Hey. What time is lunch?
Can we change the subject to hydrangea pruning? Greg -- hand me a chainsaw. No not that one, my chainsaw on a stick!
And....How did that dart get THERE? Never seen anything like it.."


I'm thinking that in spite of their mischievous intentions, they'll refrain from chiming in on the Sjogren's conversation. They'd better behave themselves.

Or it wouldn't be pretty. Understand, you two?

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