Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Quest

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I'm happy to report that yesterday's infusion went off without a hitch. IV IN, premeds given, rituximab in, IV OUT. Home. Boom.

Of course this all took place over the course of several hours, during which I slept most of the time. I think that I have developed a conditioned response to having an IV placed: once it's in, regardless of the medication going through it, I zonk out completely. So I snored away with infusion pump clicking and the automatic blood pressure monitor doing it's thing, and John off on a mission. 

He takes my infusion days off from work so we can spend the day together. The fact that he's with me is probably one of the reasons that I feel as though I can just fall asleep. 

John always takes some time to leave the infusion center and go find some lunch after which he brings something back for me to nosh on. I usually just want something light like a cup of soup or a blob of refried beans and cheese, so he eats something in the restaurant first. I've come to realize that the places he chooses to eat are forming a distinct pattern -- they're all rib joints. 

I should have known what he was thinking as he casually mentioned awhile back that he had read an interesting review of the best places in Portland to eat barbecued ribs. It listed ten restaurants and he commented that he thought it would be fun to try them all. 

That's nice, honey. I replied. Not really paying much attention. 

Yesterday he returned from his lunch outing carrying my refried beans and a mango smoothie (mmmmmm food for the gods...) rubbing his belly contentedly and smelling decidedly like barbecue sauce and smoked meat. I asked him if he was working his way down the top ten barbecue rib list and his face lit up as he described that day's food and where this restaurant was on the list and blah blah blah blah... The man is now on a rib MISSION. Every infusion day. 

My nurse Pam was listening closely. I couldn't stop laughing as I thought of John with his cell phone list in hand, Google maps up, with RIBS as his destination. Pam chimed in with some serious observations and it became clear that she was a fellow rib connoisseur. She returned several times with addresses that she thought should be added to his list. Who knows? Next time he may even bring some back for the staff. 

That is, if there is a next infusion. The next few weeks will tell: will my neutrophils behave themselves and stick around in large numbers? Or will they vanish like before? Will I have a return of my mouse-shaped map of energy increase? 

Stay tuned. John's hoping there's many more opportunities to sample new ribs joints. Me too.

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Heda said...

Best of luck. Everything crossed. Better than prednisone. Obesity is more of a killer than our illness. Or at least in my opinion. :-)