Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Makes Me Angry

I am sad.

Yesterday, someone stole one of my precious cows from my little Holstein herd. And although two still really hurts.

The girls and I go back a long way - May 13th, 2007, to be exact. They were a gift to me from John's sister and her husband. I was delighted to welcome this trio of bovines into our lives.

The girls have been really busy since then. They're rambunctious and completely out of control, which is why I love them. They rarely miss an opportunity to show off for large parties, all decked out in their finery. Holidays, birthdays, wedding showers, football games, you name it. Those three were there.

But now there's only two.

Since they were identical triplets, I'm not sure which one was taken, except that she was wearing a Seahawks outfit. Which means that I take back all the nice things that I have been saying about Seahawks fans since the Super Bowl.


Here's a collection of pictures of the girls, beginning with a photo from the first day they arrived. Of course I have a zillion more, but will post just a sampling.

Our schnauzer at the time was Bart. He didn't like the girls one bit.

The first time they ran away was to attend Greg's birthday party. They had such a good time that from then on, the girls were impossible to keep corralled.

This photo is the last one I have of them all together.

Good bye, my little bovine. I hope you are loved --- wherever you are.


annie said...

Now your trio will make an apperance as a duo at Terese's daughter's shower! Seriously how low can people get? Better keep an eye on Pinky and co.

mcspires said...

What a stinky thing to happen! I am sorry for your loss :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss Julia. I hope it is someone who will sober up and return your little bovine. It would be nice if she started sending postcards from distant places and then suddenly returned one day with a suitcase plastered with stickers from exotic locations. Here's hoping.

Gill said...

My thoughts go along with those of the others. My first thought was that maybe you keep a close eye on Pinkie and the remaining cows. Second thought was maybe this is a joke and that postcards will start to turn up. I find it difficult to understand people who genuinely steal. We have had a number of things stolen over the years, it isn't a nice feeling. You start to wonder who the lowlife is. I really do hope that this is a joke that has backfired and that she is returned.

ShEiLa said...

That stinks Miss Julia.... Udderly ridiculous that someone would just take a cow.... Separating one from their family. I am hoping for a miracle.

Been following your weather... Dang! It's cold in your neck of the woods. Brrrr.