Monday, February 24, 2014

Taste Troubles

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I hate when my taste buds go missing. My sense of smell and taste has definitely been altered since Sjogren's syndrome made it's entrance into my life. Sometimes those senses are totally absent, other times they're completely out of whack; and then occasionally everything tastes and smells A-OK. I never know what my tastebuds will tell me until I lift the spoon to my lips.

Today I eagerly anticipated a home made chicken soup. I purchased a plump whole bird, cut up the whole thing and threw it in my favorite soup pot along with fresh garlic, chopped onions, and some salt, covered it all with water, started the burner and sat back to wait for the soupy goodness to begin.

Those are my very favorite seasonings for a really good chicken soup. Just garlic, onions, and salt. If the chicken is of good quality, it's yummy flavor doesn't need much embellishment.

Three hours later, as I tasted the broth, I was seriously disappointed.

Yuk! Hey John -- come and taste this soup. Something is wrong with it.

*sluuuurrrrrrpppp* "I think it tastes great, Babe."

Drat. Weirdo sense of taste strikes once again. John ate his fill and we put the abundant leftovers in the refrigerator. I'll try again tomorrow.

If you see my taste buds wandering around, tell them Julia wants them back. ASAP.


Angana said...

This is exactly my experience. It's particularly annoying when the taste buds go AWOL when I'm at a favorite restaurant, or am having dinner with friends or family.

Adore the cartoon!

Kelly said...

Why is it always the healthy foods that taste off? I never noticed strange changes to the taste of, say, brownies, but chicken soup, yeah. Let me guess, slightly metallic with bitter undertones?

Heda said...

Do you get the everything, even sweets, taste salty thing? To tell you the truth I don't mind it because salty is my favourite taste. And I'm used to it now. I was way ahead of salted caramel! Or salted carked chocolate! Actually the everything tastes salty thing, even my own saliva, was what led me to a diagnosis of sjogren's. The only problem is that people who season their food really or too well can tip me over the edge. Too much salt will make me really sick.