Sunday, February 9, 2014

Missed That Photo

I've given up on taking pictures of the snow because it just keeps falling around here and the novelty is wearing off. It's very cold and getting icy and is cramping my running-off-in-Goldie style.

Oh, Mother Nature? You can make winter just go away anytime now, mmkay? Yeah...that would be great....

I wish that I would have had Canon in hand yesterday as I watched through the kitchen window at Lulu sniffing around in the snow. She made her way over to the crest of a hill, then.....just jumped off. And when she bellyflopped, made a perfect little snow-doggie print of herself in the drift. For anyone else, I would have called it a snow angel, but then, this is Lulu after all.

I laughed so hard that I think she heard me through the window and came chasing back into the house looking for a treat. She's used to being rewarded simply for responding to my voice by coming to find me. It's bribery, pure and simple, I know.

Worked great for my children too.

She was exhausted by her little extreme snow adventure. It's hard being a schnauzer.


annie said...

Our furry little children...we will do anything for them,and they know it. She's so adorable, she looks loved and safe.

LM said...

I love hearing about pets, especially the ones who are so well loved and cared for. My dog is like another child to me.

They ask so little and give us so much in return :)

Heda said...

What beautiful pom pom eyebrows she has!