Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guilty As Charged

I have been exchanging emails with a nutritionist for the past few days. After reading several of my earlier blog entries re: nutrition and healthy eating habits and (more accurately) my lack of healthy eating habits, she asked if I was a carb addict.

Um. Yes.

I've been trying to keep a lid on the sugar/white flour/gluten in my diet, but dang. This is hard. I laughed when I saw this pop up on Facebook yesterday and thought that it represents me. Exactly:


Unknown said...

Hahaha, I love this! Although I am a meat and veggie person I am surrounded by carb loving family members. Since I have to depend on them to fix most meals I have gained about 15 pounds. Think I'll print and post this on the fridge. I sure have had some good tasting comfort food though as my daughter is a chef in training.

Amy Junod said...

Unfortunately for me, the donut usually makes the first contact. They whisper sweet nothings into my ear. Once I see it's glistening sugary sparkle I'm hooked.
Come to think it it, I have never been disappointed by a dinner roll either.
I do notice a connection to what I consume and how I feel. I'm trying to add more of the good stuff so it fills me up. Then there's less room for the sinful goodies.
I love the sinful goodies.

annie said...

I love sweets and they love me, unfortunately. Since I've been able to eat gluten free breads and sweets again I've managed to rack up a good weight gain in the past year.

I eat very well, lots of veggies and some fruits, some meat and fish, but this is not what's making me gain the weight. We have to exercise more, but we all know how difficult that is most days. Most days we're sitting around or lying around because of lack of energy and exhaustion , so whatever we consume just sticks to us!

LM said...

I do love my sweets and they seem to love me as well!!

cargillwitch said...

Glad you are getting some "professional" help LOL. Sugar and flours are CRACK I swear! I just can't have any or I'm back off the wagon!

Unknown said...

I LOVE carbs! I spent quite a bit of time following South Beach and they tell u eventually ur cravings would stop....NOT! There's just something joyful about noodles...and cookies...and a great baked potato..,shall I go on?!