Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Prednisone Plan....

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Now that Dr. Young Guy and I have made the decision to restart my rituximab infusions, I'm getting pretty excited to just get going with it all.

Come what may. I'm betting that my neutrophils will behave themselves this go-around. My first infusion will scheduled for the first week in March.

Two years ago after my first infusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the summer that followed. Ahhhh. How great it was to be doing stuff with my family. Not needing a nap every day. Able to wear blouses and tops that didn't come up to my chin since my Lupus rash had faded away into nothingness....

What I don't recall with any fondness whatsoever from my post ritux experiences are the side effects from all that prednisone which must accompany the infusions.

I didn't have issues with sleeping because I made certain to take it early in the day, and although I didn't particularly like the puffy face that followed it wasn't a long term problem since I tapered the dose eventually. No, the biggest issue for me with prednisone in any dose larger than 10mg/day is the drug creating an overwhelming urge in me to bury my face in a large chocolate cake.


I have to be truthful here, and anyone who's even remotely familiar with my eating habits knows: I'd be tempted to give myself a chocolate cake facial just about any day of the week. What changes with prednisone on board is that the temptation is almost completely irresistible.

On occasions there have been fairly cake-free periods in my life. Of varying durations.... But since Christmas, I've been trying to significantly reduce the amount of sugar and wheat in my diet.

(Hey, Terese. No fair telling about all those times that I was not successful, either. Like the cheesecake at the rib joint, and the pie at Shari's and...yikes.)

Notice that I said I was trying, and here's why: I'm hoping that if I have been eating a relatively low-sugar low-wheat diet before I need to bump up my current dose of prednisone from 5mg to 60mg/day, that perhaps the cravings for carbs will be a bit less severe.

What do y'all think? I really have nothing but my intuition guiding me here and no studies to back up my little idea, but I'm thinking that there's no harm in trying to reduce wheat and sugar regardless of what my medication regime is.

Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? I need all the help I can get.


Allan said...

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Kate S said...

Let's just say that I know what you are talking about!!! The only way for me to manage it to keep as few of the tempting objects around. This is a nuisance for my my family, who would like to eat an oatmeal cookie from time to time(for example). But I would eat many many cookies.

Occasionally my partner will buy the cookies and hide them somewhere in his office. I know they are there, but am too embarrassed to rip his office apart looking for them.

But really, it is a a deep craving, and very hard to resist.

Look for substitutes that will give you your sugar fix at a much smaller scale. Peppermint candy is one of my substitutes. I can't use artificial sweeteners, so mine are sugar, but if you can use artificial sweeteners, then you are that much further ahead.

Nicole said...

I've never been on Prenisone, but I do have a sweet tooth! I have found that I do lose my cravings for sugar after awhile, but that I have to basically eliminate sugar for that to work. Just a little bit will reawaken the beast! Best of luck and I will be praying that all goes well with your infusion and that you have a wonderful summer!

Anonymous said...

I switched to Medrol which I tolerate slightly better at high doses, but is still tough! I try all sorts of things, but someone told me to have a little protein with something sweet and it would help and it does! So, I usually have a piece of cheese or hard boiled egg and a gluten free chocolate chip cookie. Woo-hoo, living large.

Kelly said...

What I found in my transition to low-carb eating was that if I covered the full spectrum of textures it helped make up for the lack of sweets.

There's a great YouTube video showing how to make cauliflower rice in 5 minutes and while it isn't really rice, it fills that spot on your dinner plate and is mighty tasty. You can also mash cauliflower like potatoes for another texture.

I make an almond bread that has NO grains or sweeteners. It has the texture of a quick bread.

For a smooth, creamy and sweet treat with a little crunch, I use Greek style yogurt I make myself and I put 100% cacao nibs and liquid stevia drops in.

You get the idea. Good luck and if you want the recipe for the Almond Bread, let me know and I'll send it along in an e-mail.

I'll be rooting for a good result and a happy, energetic summer for you!

Shara from Seattle said...

"Oh Prednisone, Oh Prednisone, How I love you Prednisone." Sing along!

I'm so happy you get to get your mousies on girl. You are so lucky. I sprained my back and took about 50mg three times a day and I loved it. Right up until my my face broke out in sores.

I've put on twenty pounds and have been eating chocolate pudding and cookies and brownies and ice cream. I gained back the weight I lost by following the low acid diet I was on and then some since the holidays. I'm going back to that. Maple oatmeal is my friend. The Almond Bread sounds good. Here's my email,, I thank you if you would send that along to me.

Julia, maybe you can make almond bread rolls with raisin eyes and tails and whiskers out of almond paste? Just trying to help, I know how you are.

Heda said...

I have coeliac disease. Another autoimmune disorder to add to the ever growing basket. I don't feel any benefit in giving up gluten. I absolutely hate it. In all cultures across the world, people show their love and friendship for you be sharing food. Breaking bread. It's fundamental. I hate hurting my friends and family by not being able to eat their food, the food they want to feed me. Then there's bread. I've been a coeliac for years and seen the range of food radically increased but I still haven't tasted any gluten free bread that comes even close to real bread. And don't get me started on gluten free beer. I'm an Austrslian. Beer is part of my life. To not share a cold beer with friends on a stinking hot summer's afternoon is almost unbearable. It makes me feel like a leper. My advice. Suck and see but if it doesn't help, forget it. I would eat gluten at the drop of hat if I possibly could.