Wednesday, January 1, 2014


You know, I really hoped that this year would be different. Yes, I had high hopes for 2014 but gee.

I thought that maybe this would be the year.


This year I thought I would do a better job keeping tabs on all of my livestock. Especially the anthromorphized ones. Like Pinky and the Pinkettes and Norman the gnome. And my little herd of plastic Holsteins.

Actually flamingos and gnomes aren't really all that difficult to keep in line. But then there are those girls...tsk.

That rambunctious trio has been problematic ever since they arrived here fifteen years ago. They have never been content just to graze peaceably in our back yard, and it seems that they bolt at any opportunity.

Graduations. Birthdays. Weddings. You name it.....these three look for any chance to sneak away from our house to show up all dolled up and party like animals at big events.

Goodness. My resolution this New Year's was to try to rein in these cavorting cows. But here we are only at January FIRST and they've escaped yet again. Somehow they got wind of the big football game between the LSU Tigers and the Iowa Hawkeyes today and of course knew that a LSU family lived directly across the street from a Iowa family.

I should have known.

They're hopeless. I think I need a different resolution.


Shara from Seattle said...

$10 on the LSU cow to win.

Gill said...

Thought about you tonight - they had Gnomeo & Juliet on Tv - one of Pinkie's cousins in a prominent role.