Monday, January 27, 2014


Awesome truck photo found on Shorpy, here. 

I want to thank everyone for their extremely kind words, thoughts, and prayers in response to my dumb stupid fall last week. You guys are seriously wonderful. And I'm not kidding here.

All those positive vibes must be the reason that I've healed up so quickly and with amazingly minimal amounts of purple on my body. Except for my ankle which did bruise quite a bit; but since I can cover it up with a sock, who cares?

Ahhh. It is a really good thing to feel as though I haven't been run over by a truck.

I think aside from all of your good thoughts, my continuing to visit the community center pool since I toppled over may have helped with the healing process as well. Even though I don't do everything that the aqua yoga instructor encourages us to do during class, still I keep my body in motion, and on Friday hopped into the spa after class for a good soak.

Well, maybe not hopped. Wobbled. But I got there.

So how is everyone today? Are y'all feeling as though you have NOT been run over by a truck as well?

I sincerely hope so.


mcspires said...

I am doing great today! I had a bad day the same day you fell - got an earache that triggered my trigeminal neuralgia. I always keep my pain medication in my purse, and I managed to get to my purse, but coudn't find it. Looked several places with no luck and went back to bed. About 4pm I checked my purse again, and the medication was there the whole time! Now I keep it in my bedroom!!!

Julie said...

So glad to hear you are improving, Julia!! I can so relate to that feeling, as you are in the process of falling,,Your mind is saying: "Get ready, this is gonna hurt!"

I am Debbie Downer in that I am still struggling with pericarditis.. I have been on 45-50mg of prednisone(up from my normal 8mg daily) for over a month..If I try to taper, boom,back to the beginning, but at least, I have been able to avoid the hospital with this episode..Sometimes I have to do big IV pulse doses. Rituxan stopped working , and so we are on, to Xeljanz.

My parotid salivary glands are usually also swollen,, but have been very enlarged at times, during this flare up.

Ok, didn't I tell you I was gonna be the Debbie Downer of the Day?? Do I can an award for that ? The Reasonably Well " Debbie Downer of the Day " award??!! :D

rosebud said...

I don't even like to trip because I get a little anxious that next time it's gonna be a fall and I have seen the damage that falls create on our bodies. Sometimes it's like the person got beat up.
Recently I had my first senior citizen fall. I fell out of bed! Well actually I fell because I JUMPED out of bed not realizing two critical things: 1) i was already lying on the very edge of the bed and had eye shades on so I was operating on instinct not fact, and 2) that I didn't sit up straight enough before jumping out. So as I am in mid air, as if I am in slow motion and just before I landed on my knees I am saying a little prayer: "Dear God, Please don't make it something that I have to be off my feet for weeks. How about just a little torn skin or a wee bruise - nothing dramatic."
Luckily the knee hurt wayyyy more than the actual damage and after going straight to the whirl pool spa and keeping off it for just one day and icing I recovered and got back to swimming...ahhh the healing power of water.
By the way the reason why I tried to jump out of bed was because occasionally I get severe painful leg cramps that almost make it impossible to move my leg. The spasm was coming on and just about to reach a crescendo when I decided to hop out :) Good thing I'm not a pilot.

Julia Oleinik said...

Hmmm, Julie..... Girl. Pericarditis deserves all of the venting you can dish out! Sorry: No "Debbie Downer of the Day" award this time. But I reserve the right to award it later at some point. *grin* Hang in there.