Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ornaments and Disco

I'm making progress. 

My Christmas tree has really been bugging me lately.

It's been sitting quietly in my living room, all decorated, lights twinkling. It's surrounded by piles of empty boxes all marked in red marker with the word, "Christmas".

I feel as though it's silently reprimanding me for allowing it to remain decorated and upright even though February is right around the corner. Every morning, I come downstairs I look at it and resolve that I WILL begin un-decorating the thing, even if I only take a handful of ornaments off the branches.

Then I round the corner to the kitchen, have my breakfast, and forget all about the darned thing.

Ah, but today was the day. Quit nagging, already! I told the plastic conifer after breakfast, and after draining my coffee cup began plucking off ornaments. It didn't take long before I realized that some serious motivation was in order. Some kind of diversion that would take my mind off the fact that after only a couple of fistfuls of ornaments, I was already perspiring. So I turned on my secret energy-inducing tool.

Are you ready for this? I almost hate to share my secret since it's pretty lame.....

I turn on disco music.

I know. I know. It's not really music. Actually it's a hideous endless stream of thunk-thunka-thunka. But don't judge me here, people. Because even though I am thinking how mindless and stupid the music is, the rest of me starts moving. It's beyond my control.

So with the Commadores blasting, I got every single ornament packed away while reminiscing about the first time I heard the song Brick House. I was out dancing while in college, and my date pulled me out onto the dance floor as the song began saying, Hey baby. This song is all about YOU.

I slugged him, left him slack jawed wondering what he said that was so horrible, marched my platform heels (which were fabulous, by the way) across the disco and got a ride home from my girlfriends.

Brick house, indeed. Tsk.

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