Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let The Splashing Resume

I keep a tote bag filled with my aqua yoga stuff in my closet. Every morning as I'm getting dressed, I look at that bag and think I really need to get back over to the pool. And every morning for the past couple months I have come up with a really good reason to leave that bag sitting right there.

Most of those reasons have been valid ones. Like this one: I can't go into a public swimming pool after cataract surgery. And: Float around in a pool? Yikes. I already feel like I'm floaty with my inner ear stuff. They would probably frown on me barfing in the pool.

Then there was plenty of not-so-good excuses, most of which boiled down to the fact that I just didn't want to. I was too tired. Or that I was not in the mood. Or..... You get the idea.

But yesterday, I decided that it was time to get back into the water. Even though I'm still wobbling around with dumb stupid BPPV, it just seemed incredibly wasteful to be paying for membership in the community center if I'm not going to use it. So I determined that I would go back, even if one trip back proved that I just couldn't swim without setting my vertigo off. In which case I would just stop at the desk and cancel my membership.

I grabbed the bag and headed out in Goldie.

After class, I realized that I had learned a few things, the most important being that I was capable of getting into the pool, that I could tolerate very easy exercises, and that, boy howdy. The water felt really good. I missed it.

I also learned a couple of other things: I was unable to lie on my back and float. Yikes. Not a good idea. Secondly, choosing a locker that required me to look up to lock and unlock my combination lock was also not a good idea.

After changing out of my soggy swim suit, I walked right past the membership desk.

I think I'll stay.