Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flying Squirrel

John and I have been doggy-sitting for a few weeks. My son and his wife and a whole pack of their college buddies were off on a ski trip; so we inherited Frodo for a bit. He's such a sweet dog. But he's also a very energetic boy. I think I've definitely developed some serious toy-throwing muscles in my arms because Frodo's need to fetch something -- anything -- is insatiable.

I think I could throw Lulu and he'd haul her back to me.

I've gotten so that I don't even think about throwing Frodo's toys for him all. day. long. It's just a reflex thing: if I'm stationary in any position whatsoever, I will either have a slobbery dog toy in my hand or in my lap ready to be thrown.


Yesterday, I poured some bath salts into my bathtub and filled it up. Ahhhh. The house was quiet. I had some music playing. I leaned back and closed my eyes in total relaxation.


*Splash* THIS came flying into the bathtub.

It is not conducive to a zen frame of mind to have a soggy plush rodent hurled at one's head. I sat up. "Hey! Which one of you woogies just threw a toy into my bathtub?!" I had my suspicions but couldn't resist asking.

Lulu said, Are you kidding me? I haven't left this bed.

Aha. Which left only this suspect who looked at me surprised that I hadn't thrown it back to him.

What an innocent looking face. Pfffft.

Until Frodo leaves, think I'll have to close the bathroom door for my soakings.


Julie said...

Love it, Julia! Arent our fur babies THE best??

Also, does anyone else's furbaby have to follow them everywhere, including the bathroom?

We have also have granddoggies! And grandbirds, and a grandrabbit! No human grands, but this is all good practice, for that possible occurrence, right??

Amy Junod said...

Awe! Love Frodo!

Eva said...

Frodo is a normal Cardigan Welsh Corgi. If they don't want to fetch toys they will use their energy to eat your house. The dog calms down with increasing age.
Foolish Corgi owner,

Heda said...

Ha ha ha I'd love to see Lulu letting Frodo carry her back anywhere!