Monday, January 6, 2014

Dizzy People Unite!


I am surprised at the amount of email and comments that I received on my post about BPPV. There is certainly a large number of us, isn't there? My sentiments after learning that my experience was far from uncommon was similar to reader Leslie's:
You have no idea how .... well, I can’t say “happy”, but relieved to read your post about the vertigo you have been experiencing.  All I can say is add me to the boat.
Exactly. I'm not glad that there are others are as topsy-turvy as I am, but I do get a kind of strange comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in this, and I appreciate y'all sharing your expertise on the subject.

Guys. Do you know what this means?

This highlights the need to start yet another club here on Reasonably Well. You may recall that we have had several. The Bone-On-Bone Club comes to mind. As well as the decision that we had to admit men to our Autoimmune Club .

Hm. I wonder what we could call our club?

Bowling shirts. THIS club definitely needs matching bowling shirts.


Blogger Mama said...

I'm all for The Dizzy Dames! Lol

Anonymous said...

"you spin me right round like a record player, baby" Anyone? No?

That's how I feel after I get up (slowly up) form a dizzy spell. I feel like I just had my one woman dance-a-thon to this song.

:) Miriam