Monday, January 20, 2014

A Small Miracle

I just love this place. 

Guys. Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down?

Well, I can scarcely believe it, but I was given an opportunity to embarrass myself exponentially yesterday, and I DIDN'T.

Can you believe it?

Why should I be surprised about this, you ask? You may recall the walking-out-of-my-slip incident at a fancy schmancy event; and the time I....well, let's just say that mostly when I'm placed in a position to goof something up royally, I usually do. Just as Terese about my handbell maneuver.

On Sunday, we went to Mass at my son's parish, which is the St. James Cathedral in Seattle. It's a beautiful church. He and his lovely bride were married there.

Sigh. What a wonderful day.

So we were sitting quietly in our pew before the service began when a smiling woman tapped John on the shoulder, and asked if our family would carry the bread and wine up to the altar in a procession during Mass called the Offertory.

Um. Which would mean I would have to carry something down a very long marble aisle, and walk, and not drop anything or fall over in front of everyone. In THE CATHEDRAL.

Gulp. I have to walk all the way up there? 

I was thinking of a tactful way to refuse but John just nodded and told her we'd be honored. She gave us a few instructions and the Mass began. Hoo boy.

When the time came, John took my elbow and we walked to the back of the church. I was thinking that I'd just hang around behind John and Son, and so hopefully I'd just tag along after them and not have to be responsible for conveying anything.

The nice lady appeared again and pointed directly at me. You. Stand here first in line.


And then there were sweet little altar girls and boys and candles in front of me, John and JT behind me, and we were told to start walking.

So I did.

I didn't trip. I didn't lost any articles of clothing. I didn't drop the basket I was given to hold. I just walked up to the priest, smiled, and handed the thing over with an enormous sigh of relief. AND I made it back to the pew relatively unscathed.

Just goes to prove that miracles are still happening these days.


mcspires said...

You rocked it!!! Gotta appreciate the miracles!

Christina said...

Way to go! That parish is beautiful.and has long isles. Lol Good thing you didn't trip.I had to walk down those same isles last winter with my cane. I think the isles are

Ellen Schnakenberg said...

Good job!!! Bet that was one of the best feelings of the day! LOL!


annie said...

Good for you, Julia. What a beautiful cathedral, and what a long, long walk it was to the altar.