Monday, December 9, 2013

With a Lot of Help From My Friends

As I mentioned yesterday, the neighborhood cookie decorating party was a roaring success on Saturday. I loved every minute.

But I would not have been nearly as rested and happy had my friends and family not shouldered the majority of the heavy lifting to make this party a reality.

I am so blessed. The house was sparkling clean and festively decorated with only minimal effort on my part, my guests provided ingredients, extra baking pans and supplies, delicious snacks, and fabulous cookie decor, while I perched in my recliner sipping coffee and snapping pictures like crazy with Canon.

Ahhh. Such fun. Guys. You have amazed and humbled me by willing to work so hard to make special times like these happen.

Thank you.

 EGGNOG MARTINIS. My goodness. 


annie said...

Gosh, it looks like so much fun and so festive(apart from all the hard work!). How many dozens of cookies did you end up making? Did the eggnog martinis help things along?

Unknown said...

They all look delicious but I've gotta say I'd be reaching for the Christmas Flamingos. I mean what goes better with an eggnog martini than a Festive Christmas Flamingo Cookie?! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the annual cookie-a-thon with your friends and family. Such a blessing.

Amy Junod said...

Love the photos! The last shot is awesome with the whole collection spread out. Looks like good fun! Great friends to help pull it off.
Cookie cutter envy happening here at the sight of the huge tin full of shapes!
I like the Pinky cookies too!

Annette said...

It looks like the most fun ever. Your tree is beautiful and the dogs are like angels (a little hyperbole but they are so patient).

The party looks so realxed and enjoyable.