Sunday, December 29, 2013

That's The Way The Christmas Cookie Crumbles

.::munch munch munch::.


I'm enjoying our coffee klatch over here.

I feel completely wiped out by the holidays and hearing about everyone else experiencing the same thing.....Well, instead of making me feel even more crabby, it makes me feel better. Strangely comforted. Not because others are in the same exhausted/foggy/cookie-bloated boat that I'm paddling away in.

No, when I sit with my elbows on the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading all of the comments from my posse of sjoggies; hearing about everyone's ongoing battle with their autoimmune bodies, I am oddly comforted in the knowledge that I'm not alone. I find myself nodding my head in agreement and understanding as the stories unfold.

Pass me another sugar cookie. The flamingo one with the pink frosting. Yeahhhh.....


Shara from Seattle said...

Well, I'm going to take a nap. When I get up I have two things on my to do list. Take a shower so I'm all fresh for doctor appointments and two, make banana nut bread. You can't take a step without running into a box or open container of candy around here and I've finally gotten grossed out by it. Did you change your picture again?

Kelly said...

Sorry I missed the coffee klatch beginnings yesterday. Like another poster, I tend to flare with the heat and had a doozy this summer that went on for weeks and left me at a lower level than before it started energy-wise and in some other areas (joints swelling up everywhere and getting stiffer and stiffer), but as long as I allow myself extra sleep, I can usually make it through and enjoy the winter hullabaloo. I've needed some 9-10 hour sleep-a-thons, but was able to enjoy family and friends and get most everything done without collapsing. It was nice.

It was also nice to forget about tending to autoimmune disease for a bit (except for insisting on the extra sleep) while attending to the holiday crush. I've made a decision it's time to visit the doctor again and maybe get a referral to the nearest Medical Center with a Sjogren's clinic (SF) since we really have no one around here who knows what to do with Sjogren's patients or even how to diagnose when the SSA and SSB labs are negative. It feels like ostrich behavior to continue ignoring the obvious progression of things if it can be slowed or halted, even for a bit. A friend (tennis partner--on the front lines with me) urged me to do it. Her mother recently discovered what she had thought for years was garden-variety age-related osteoarthritis turned out to be a 1-2 punch combo of inflammatory autoimmune and osteo varieties and they gave her an entry-level DMARD (Plaquenil, we think) and she is astonished at how much better she feels without the side effects she feared. That's promising.

I do think I will join you for a cup of herbal tea. I'm in the mood for something licorice-y and I think I have some bags of Yogi Egyptian Licorice lurking in my purse and I'm going to brew it now. Cheers!