Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nice. Twice.

Two delightful things happened yesterday:

One: I found out once again (I try to do this yearly) that a Goodwill 99 cent basket and two four dollar poinsettias make for a lovely Christmas arrangement.

Two: A Walgreens multi-tasking pharmacist saw me struggling to extract my purse zipper from my brand spankin' new sweater; continued her conversation with an employee as she came out from around the counter and deftly separated metal from thread without leaving a hole. Bless her heart.

It's been a good day.

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Julie said...

That's what I call Christmas spirit, that kindness that the pharmacist exhibited by helping you out.

Despite some of our more difficulties with our complicated health and life, there are some really kind and empathetic people, as well. They stick out in my mind, and I hope I can remember to thank them.

For example, during Nurses' Week, I sent my rheum's nurse, a card.I have known her and my doc, for a lot of years. In it, I tried to explain how important her communication is, with me, or any of the patients. That I may be struggling so badly, and she is the lifeline, to give me encouragement, by the words she says, the tone of voice, the empathy that can be felt, while communicating what the doctor has said. At my next office visit, she told me she cried when she read it, and gave it to my rheum to read, as well.

I used to work as an office R.N. If I was able to go back to it, I think I would really remember how important of a role, that I could play in a patient's life. I may be the only one they talk to , as they struggle... I hope I was an empathetic nurse before, but what I have gone through, in my complex medical history has given me much more insight into how it is, for chronic disease sufferers. Day in, day out.

Ok, how did I get onto this subject?! Anyway, I love your post, Julia,and your arrangement is bright and cheery. Good job!