Friday, December 27, 2013

It Ain't Over Till The Cookies Are Gone

Yes. Christmas is indeed now two days past. However, around our house, we stretch things out as long as possible. One event in particular that keeps on going is our light show. We'll run it through New Year's Eve, but once 2014 arrives, THEN it's over.

Except if there's still fudge around. Christmas is over once the fudge is gone.

Check out this video of two of this year's songs. My son made the recording on a very foggy night so the lights look kind of cool, I think.

2013 All I want for Christmas Is You from John Oleinik on Vimeo.

2013 - 12 Days of Christmas from John Oleinik on Vimeo.


Sue said...

Hi Julia. Great light display this year. Hope you had a Merry Christmas with your family and have a very Happy New Year.

Amy Junod said...

Fun light show!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We were just saying how Julie did not post their Christmas light show this year and it appeared today! Wish we could stop by and see in person.

Sjogy Too said...

Julia, Christmas isn't over in my house until the Epiphany. Until then, I enjoy my tree, lights and the spirit of the season. That said, I want to thank you so much for your blog. It is a place where I can go and feel not alone with (and laugh about) all my weird brain fogs, gassy stomach and other such SS trifles. LOL!