Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Christmas Computer Miracle

Oh, brother. Ever since I've begun writing Reasonably Well, I've been using a MacBook pro. It's been a trusty old guy and I had that thing loaded up with all sorts of really great software like Photoshop and Illustrator. John has been pretty good about backing up all of the photos that I have crammed into iPhoto on there but hasn't for the past few months. Including Thanksgiving.

So why should anyone care about my hardware?


This is the offending glass. Refilled to demonstrate the ridiculous amount of water. 

Um. Last night, I dumped an enormous glass-ful of ice water directly onto the poor laptop's keyboard. Yeah.

Excuse me while I go facepalm myself and thud my head against the nearest wall.

*whap whap whap*

OK. I'm back.

Funny how the whole mea culpa exercise really didn't make me feel all that much better, especially as I looked over at the poor thing sitting in a bag of rice (my techno-savvy son told me to do that until I could race down to the Apple store as soon as it opened in the morning). It looked so pathetic. And rice-y. It looked more like a side dish than a useful electronic gadget. Dang. We've been through so much, this lappy and I.

I was hoping that if I kept talking to it, it would find the courage to survive this drippy tragedy: C'mon Mac. Hang in there, big guy. Julia will get you to a computer doctor ASAP.


Guys! I can scarcely believe this having seen and heard this computer go *poof* as half a gallon of water was splashed onto it -- but the Apple wizards tell me that this laptop is just fine. All they had to do was to re-boot it manually (whatever the heck that means). Apple Wizard Guy told me that the overnight rice maneuver saved good old Mac's bacon.

Presto. Good as new. It's a MIRACLE!



.::sniff::. I just love happy endings.

It lives!!!


Sue said...

You are so lucky. I dumped a large Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino on my lap top a year ago. Fortunately I was able to move all my pictures onto my external hard drive before it crashed. The Laptop will turn on but doesn't do much else and it has a smelly burning sugar odour to it. Needless to say I keep beverages far away from the new one (most of the time anyway)

ShEiLa said...

That is a very happy happy ending. Love.

Lucky you. Whew!

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