Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tom Sawyer Would Be Proud

Who knew that some people would find cleaning my house to be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys?

After the pantry cleaning incident, John dove into the organizational waters and muscled his way through two utensil junk drawers and the paper cupboard. My friend Karen is coming to visit in a few weeks -- yay! -- and emailed me the request to 'Save some cleaning for me!  I LOVE to throw things away; I mean organize.'

Naomi has volunteered to come tomorrow and we'll scrub down the outside of my kitchen cupboards.

Even Greg has gotten into the act. He and John were standing on the church steps on Sunday pondering which cupboard THEY should clean out next. MmmHmmmm.... you can just bet this particular cupboard contains adult beverages among other things...

I should have thought of this years ago. What was I thinking?

Hey. Since everyone around here finds this so entertaining, I think that I should charge a significant fee for the privilege of sifting through my junk. Brilliant!

So, Terese? If you want to clean out my linen closet, it'll cost ya. Just sayin'.

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Kelly said...

Funny how it's entertaining to clean others' things but drudgery to clean your own. I remember as a child spending a happy day scrubbing toilets at the house of a friend and when I got home and told my mother how we'd spent the afternoon, she was appalled, likening to child abuse! I don't ever remember scrubbing toilets at home back then and I don't do it now and certainly never thought of it as entertainment before or since that day, but we did have fun splashing about with scrub brushes.
POV is everything.