Sunday, November 17, 2013

Round Two

When my friend Naomi came over last week and cleaned my pantry, she started something. After looking into a tidy pantry, suddenly every other kitchen cupboard and drawer looked completely disastrous. Even though my energy levels were pretty low over the last few days, I just couldn't STAND myself until another big ol' chunk of kitchen disorder was tamed. I mentioned to my friend Emily that it was time to conquer more cupboards. She was quick to point out that one cabinet in particular was in serious need.

"Every time I pull something out from where you store paper plates and stuff, it all falls out on my head!"

Hm. She had a good point. Even though watching Ems get a Chinet shower occasionally was good entertainment, the paper cupboard was next, I decided. So Saturday, John dragged everything out of there. And it turned out that there was a lot of stuff packed in THERE.

This is his "gee I'm happy to be cleaning" smile.

Yikes. What a pile of stuff. 

This go-around, the oldest item was leftover paper napkins from when I had a Confirmation party for one of the kids. Could be any one of the three -- I don't remember which. But considering that it would have been back when they were in junior high and all since have graduated high school AND college several years ago....zoiks. These things could be as old as 16 years.

At least this wasn't a food product unlike my 11 year old can of corn from the pantry adventure. And yes, these paper plates and napkins and cups were unused. Silly people. Tsk.

I slaved away by supervising from the recliner. Hard work. 

Actually this project went quick as a whistle since I didn't care about outdates [at least I don't think paper plates outdate]. We sorted everything according to holidays, stuffed them neatly stacked them into clear plastic containers and.....

Presto chango. No more episodes of 'Let's Dump Paper Plates on Emily's noggin'. Awww. I'll miss that in a weirdo kind of way.


annie said...

Love those see through plastic bins. You can see what's in them and it keeps the pantry and cupboards so neat and organized. Good job, Julia, (and John).

Julie said...

Julia, what a wonderful friend to get things started! It is amazing the sense of accomplishment and peace I can get, from just straightening out a small portion of a mess of a home!

That isn't as often as I would like ,but it makes my stress level less, to have an orderly area, like my "office' which is actually my coffee table beside the couch I lay on!

Have you ever watched "Hoarders"? It makes me want to strip my walls bare and get rid of everything for furniture, but a bed and a couch! LOL