Monday, October 28, 2013

Is This Too Obvious?

With Halloween fast approaching, I'm thinking if I should try to come up with some kind of costume.

I don't usually get into the costume thing, but it has occurred to me that my present circumstances are providing an excellent dress-up opportunity: since I'm already wearing a nighttime eyepatch, why not just give in and be a pirate?

Hm. How does one go about attaching a pirate's parrot to one's shoulder?


Blogger Mama said...

I betcha you could use the sticky velcro tabs that you can find at sewing/craft stores! You just cut them up, and stick them to both surfaces that you want to stick together. :o)

Gill said...

Velcro is good - just make sure you attach the 'sticky' side to the parrot's bum otherwise you might be snaring a few other things if you brish against them. Mind you, snaring a Halloween cup cake or two might be an idea... Have you practiced shouting "OO Ahh me 'arties"? Post pictures!!!!