Monday, October 21, 2013

Autoimmune Gal: Discontinuing Medications

Mmmmm......cake...... You can get your very own spectacular cake at Rose's Deli

Autoimmune Gal recently put up an excellent post entitled "Changes in Medicine: Not a Piece of Cake". Check it out:

Medicines are a daily fact of life for me, and I know in that I'm not alone.  I'm always looking for a way to reduce the drugs that I do take when possible, since virtually all have some level of side effect or interaction with another of my medications.   However, I have learned the hard way that getting off a medicine can be as difficult as getting used to taking a new one to begin with.  I thought I would share my recent story and a few tips that I've learned to deal with any major medicine adjustment.
This is certainly an example where medicine is both art and science, and each patient might need a slightly different approach.  I was more concerned with having the least side effects possible than being off the medication as quickly as possible.  Here's a few of the quick lessons I learned through this process that will hopefully be helpful in the future.

Continue reading here for her seven useful suggestions for tapering your medications.


annie said...

That is a very important piece of information to have as lots of us are very sensitive to our meds. On another topic, what a decadent piece of black forest cake. Too tempting...must lose weight before Christmas!!

Julia Oleinik said...

Annie. This black forest cake lives only a few miles from my house. At Rose's Deli. TORTURE.

AutoimmuneGal said...

Julia -- thanks so much for the post. That cake looks absolutely delectable. The type of thing that I would want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!