Tuesday, September 17, 2013

True Confessions Julia Edition

I suppose I should also confess that I can't recall where I found this cartoon, and so I can't give anyone credit where credit is due. You'll note that this didn't deter me from plopping it front and center on this post. 

Bless me, readers, for I have sinned. Well.....maybe not sinned exactly.... but it has occurred to me that I have not been completely forthcoming about a few things. With not only y'all but also various other folks. So after mulling these incidents over for a bit, I have decided that it's time, people. Time for yet another edition of TRUE CONFESSIONS, Julia style. Are you ready for this?

Too bad. I'm unloading my conscience anyway.

First confession:

I post pictures to Reasonably Well extravagantly, prolifically,  incessantly, and.... a lot. And I just happily soak it all in whenever anyone compliments them. Yes, yes.......aww, gee, shucks......weren't nuthin.....

But, truth be told, lately those pictures frequently are taken not by me (yes, still with my Canon) but by folks that happen to be nearby when I decide a picture should be taken.

Here! Take this and get that picture!

The two most frequent recipients of the Julia-Camera-Shove maneuver are John and Greg. And with this admission, I admit that I need to share the kudos. Especially for the shots that were taken on our recent roadtrip over the North Cascades: those were mostly taken by Eagle Eye Greg.

So if y'all wouldn't mind, could anyone that has ever complimented me on my photos go back and revise their comments?

What? You think that since I made the mistake that I should fix it and that y'all have lives which don't include time for searching and editing comments?

I suppose you're right.

Second confession:

While I'm on the subject of cameras, and my Canon in particular, and of sending minions off to do my photography work; I'd like to confess that I specifically asked Godson to take this photo. Because the angle from a four year old's perspective into someone's nostrils is just too good of a photo op to miss.

Whoa. Seriously not nice of me. Quite possibly evil, actually. (Notice that I didn't say I was sorry about this.) Yes. I actually put Canon into the hands of a child and told him, "Go take a picture of that nice man's nose." And hastily added, "Don't wake him up!"

Godson handles Canon like a PRO, I might add. Just ask him what the three rules to Auntie Julia's camera are. He'll tell you. I let another of my nephews run around getting pictures once and Godson told him solemnly: "ONE! Don't touch this part! (points to but doesn't touch lens). TWO! You have to wear the camera strap around your neck. THREE! You have to give Auntie Julia her camera back whenever she asks you."

Excellently said, Godson.

Third and final confession for this session, which was prompted by this question from the astute Gill:

Was this pain anywhere near where you store your, eeerrr, mobile phone while in, eeerrrr, church services. Did you mention to Dr YG the habit of storing items in bras that bras were not designed to hold?

Awhile back, I was whining about my latest aches and pains one of which was in my rib cage area, much better now thanks, and Gill wondered if I had been completely truthful in the discussion regarding causative circumstances of said pain.

My confession? No. No, Gill, I have never 'fessed up to my alternative cell phone storage system to Dr. Young Guy. And don't YOU tell him, either.

Ahhh. I feel much better now. My countenance has lifted. I feel pure. And stainless. And... What? Really? You think I have to actually atone for my misbehaviors? And y'all think you should get to choose my penance?

Be kind, people.


Gill said...

Julia. Read no further and just pass this on to you partner in crime Ms T.

Can we suggest that Julia stuffs her phone in the 'phone holster' before next visit to Dr YG, get your timing right and call her as Dr YG asks her to lie back on couch. Brrrriiinnng, lights, camera, action and flashing boob. Dr YG will have great material for article in medical journals - after he has the cold compress removed!!!!!

Kelly said...

Hmmm, proper penance might be to make that man a lemon pie...