Sunday, September 22, 2013

I've Raised a Baker

Yesterday was pretty entertaining. Daughter #2 baked the layers for a friend's wedding cake.


The girl knows her way around Whole Foods

It will be a three - tier cake, made with organic ingredients, and from scratch. One tier of chocolate/buttermilk filled with dark chocolate ganache; one of lemon filled with tangy lemon curd; and one that she calls a whipped cream white cake filled with an Italian meringue buttercream.

Here D#2 models my favorite apron made for me by my friend Kathy still going strong 33 years later. (The apron AND Kathy...)

Lucky for us, she had leftover batter that we baked up as cupcakes. Delightful. We will freeze the layers to keep them until Friday when the decorating begins in earnest. I wish I could be there to watch this beauty of a pastry take shape, but since my cataract surgery will be on Tuesday afternoon, I think I'd better stay home and watch the festivities in Seattle via Skype. Which is a pretty good substitute maneuver but one can't lick the frosting bowl that way..... Dang.


Julie said...

How cute is she, Julia!! Thanks for sharing the scrumptious sounding details. My sympathy to you, at not being able to be there, to lick the spoons and bowls! But good luck on your upcoming cataract surgery!

annie said...

She comes from a long line of great bakers,so I'm not surprised. Will we get a picture of the finished cake?

Anonymous said...

Surprised the apron is still holding up....that was when I first began sewing. I still can't believe you thought I could sew my bridesmaid dress for your wedding.

Julia Oleinik said...

Girl, I thought (and still think) that you can do ANYTHING.

So did you sew the bridesmaid's dress?? Honestly, I didn't know you were challenged by this...