Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Not to Play Fetch

I'm trying really hard to publish more serious posts, really, I am. But having Son and Daughter-In-Law's woogie Frodo here for the week makes it difficult for me to think of anything except doggie stuff.

I'm not complaining. Just explaining.

Over the course of this dog-sitting experience, I have been observing the interactions between a relatively "normal" dog i.e., Frodo, and.......Lulu. What kind of interactions? Um. They kind of defy definition.

Watch this. Sorry about the bizarre editing and camera work. I'm working on it..


Sue said...

Very cute. Perhaps Lulu will get better at it before her buddy leaves to go home.

annie said...

Adorable bundles of energy. Maybe Lulu thinks it's her right to act the way she does as she is the princess of her domain.

Annette said...

I think you mentioned the ball picker upper once in the past, That looks like fun.
True, some dags are really good at fetching. Up with video. Enough Life is Ernest.
I saw a funny music video with a surprise appearance by cats and dogs in the middle

Kelly said...

Yes, fetching repeatedly is beneath the dignity of Schnauzer Princesses, but smacking down overly exuberant Corgis and claiming their toys to show them who's boss is required business. Lulu's just taking care of business...