Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hey, Annette.....

In answer to your comment, "Amazing how you manage to blog on vacation." -- Girl. If blogging from the road was difficult, I would not be doing it. Seriously.

I usually travel with my laptop, camera, and (if I'm not too dopey) my camera/computer transfer cable. We try to choose hotels that have wifi, so that's how it all happens. When all else fails, Blogger has a mobile app that allows me to post limited stuff from my smart phone.

But I'm sure that y'all have noticed that my vacation posts are rarely Sjogren's related, and frequently silly. It's easy to just upload a bunch of pictures taken from inside the car as we zip along, which is exactly what today's post is comprised of. Um. Except for Charlie the cat. And the bloody mary picture. There's a reason Terese wanted me to take that picture, but I'm not ready to talk about it. At least not until this furry mouth and headache thing go away...... tsk....

See you tomorrow.

Yes. Yes, they do. 


Angana said...

You sure know how to model the Good Life, and give us a chance to share your joy and silliness!

Anonymous said...

Your photography is getting better and better. The shots are always so restful to me since I live in the city. I usually say ahhhhhhhh after visiting your site. thx.

Annette said...

I was so surprised to see my name in your title! And it is way past bedtime so am very behind in reading.

What are those green squares in the field? Is that how they bale things where you were? I've only seen the round ones and they are usually yellow in SW Ontario.

I thought of you yesterday when I took my little old Fisher Price barn and silo out to the back yard to take their picture so I could compete :) We had to clean the pig in the ultrasonic cleaner.

You guys have so much fun. Bloody Mary can be a vegetable when you're on the road.