Saturday, August 31, 2013

Julia of Arabia

I seem to be having several micro-panic attacks. Want to hear about my latest one?

Sure you do. Humor me here, people.

I have this fabulous, shapeless, permanently wrinkled, white cotton tunic. I love this thing because it can be a zillion degrees outside and I still feel cool while I'm wearing it. It is wrinkled because that's how it's supposed to be so it's never been even threatened with an iron and I can just wad it up and toss it into my suitcase. It even has a hood which I pull up if I have been dopey enough to forget my sunscreen and my hat. I throw it on over a white camisole and anything else my heart desires, and presto. A comfy-wumfy protection against the sun outfit. It may not be the most flattering item of clothing that I have but then I'm not deluding myself here: there isn't one clothing item out there that would flatter this old carcass of mine these days.

I digress.

I'm thinking that all those eons of people living in the desert probably knew what they were doing when they wore billowy white clothing.

See? Peter O'Toole wore this stuff all over Arabia and stayed cool as a cucumber. I'm thinking that he probably didn't wear plus sized capri jeans and orthopedic shoes, though. 

So as usual, I goobered something down the front of my fave tunic the other day and tossed it into the laundry hamper, then promptly forgot about it until I wanted to wear it. Then did a mini-freak-out thing when I examined it as I added it to the washer.

Ewww. I don't remember what I goobered. Because it's just what I do. Terese and Greg call a shirt slobber simply a "Julia."

But my pristine white tunic was stained with something brightly colored and looked exceptionally nasty. I started the washer confident that as usual, this seemingly indestructible  thing would emerge as if nothing had sullied it's lovely white cotton fibers.

Wrong. After a heavy duty hot temperature cycle it still looked gross.

Mini-freak-out in the laundry room.

Then I remembered that since the tunic is made of 100% cotton it can be bleached. So I did.

Wahoo! Clean as a whistle! I love this thing. I wish I could remember where I bought it. If anyone sees one of these babies floating around the internet marketplace and it comes in plus sizes send the link my way.


annie said...

Let us know...anything that can be machine washed and looks so comfy needs to be shared. BTW, thanks for sharing about the Lands End comfy pants... bought myself 2 pairs. I think I could sleep in them. Now if only there was a matching top to go with them!

Laura said...

If you find them, please share. I would love a sun coverup as comfy as that looks! :)

Shara from Seattle said...

Holy cow Julia, all those friends that you have in town and nobody has a sewing machine? The thing is is if we find it and they know it is for us they want to charge way more money than it should be.

Blogger Mama said...


Blogger Mama said...

The first link is wrong, now that I look at it, as it doesn't have a hood, but still pretty. :o)

ShEiLa said...

I love tunic style tops... Everything cotton.
This one looks awesome!