Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gnome Sweet Home

Y'all remember my garden gnome, Norman? He was a 50th birthday present to me from Terese and Greg. Good old Norm took a real beating from the elements, though, and a few years ago got a much-needed spiffy new coat of paint by my friend Sarah.

Yesterday, I unpacked Norman from my "Summer Stuff" box and dusted him off. Daughter-in-law helped me pick out some impressive fake plants to put into his pot.

We stood him next to my fake fireflies in a jar. I just love 'em.

He's one happy gnome.


Amy Junod said...

He looks great! What are the fake fireflies made out of?

Annette said...

Are those really fake plants? They look real to me. What is Norman made of? He looks so weathered before his makeover.
You seem to like your seasonal decorations a great deal. Good they're seasonal. Then you have more toys and more variety.

Gill said...

Don't let IKEA see this!!!!! Have you got their latest ads over there where the home owners blow up the garden gnomes when they (the gnomes) are replaced by new IKEA garden furniture. Have a look on IKEAs Facebook page, the cruelty to gnomes has been debated.

Julia Oleinik said...

Amy -- the fireflies are battery operated and are made of plastic.

Annette -- yeppers. Those are definitely fake succulents, but I thought they looked real, too. I stuck some dried moss in the pots too. Norman is ceramic.

Gill -- I have not seen those IKEA ads; what a scream! (don't worry Norman. I'd never replace you with assemble-it-yourself furniture)