Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth Fun

Some of our previous Fourth of July fireworks. 

So. For all my United States of America buddies, whatcha doing to celebrate the holiday?

We're going to head over to Terese and Greg's place to nosh on the usual fourth fare: brats, hamburgers, salads, chips, and stuff; followed by home made frozen custard courtesy of my buddy Susan.


Then we're going to relax in our lawn chairs and watch my son fire off a few LEGAL fireworks as we sip our after-brat drinks. The weather should be just lovely; skies clear and temps warm but not hot. Son and Daughter-in-law have a whole bunch of leftover sparklers from their wedding reception so there will be some sparkling going on as well.

Ahhhhhh. Love, love, love it.

I've invited oodles of people. Thank goodness Terese and Greg are so good natured about me using their beautiful home and property for a party venue. It went something like this:

Me: Hey! Is the Fourth of July party at your place?

Terese and Greg: Um.

Me: So how many people should we invite? Will Greg have the hayfield cut so that we can shoot fireworks in the field? Can we use your grill? And tables and condiments and......

Terese and Greg: .::nod their heads in agreement; eyes glazed::.

Am I lucky, or what?

Here's one of my all time fave Fourth of July pics, taken several years ago in our back yard. I used a very slow shutter speed to capture D#1 and friends shooting off roman candles. What actually happened after these things were lit was a little "poof" and a few balls of sparks came popping out of the cardboard tubes; but my pic looks so much more dramatic than real life.

We have the powah!!

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annie said...

Happy 4th to you all, and enjoy the food and festivities.