Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ditto Yesterday's Title

Kind of like these, found here

So yesterday I came across an ad for a children's laxative that I thought was exceedingly strange, and titled my post This is Very, Very Weird. The same would seem to apply to today's post, but for a different reason; one that doesn't involve medication or advertisements or regularity.

So on Sunday, I was sitting in church (and I really WAS paying attention, really I was) when the oddest image kept popping into my head. By the third technicolor tinted flash, I covered my eyes and thought, REALLY, God? Is this a hint from you or have I just been watching too many REI ads? Because I kept seeing my knees, calves and feet. Clothed in khaki bermuda shorts, thick woolie socks, and hiking boots. My chubby legs (dang. wish I would have seen them as being slender and muscular but not a chance) were kind of tanned and the boots appeared to have been hiked around in a LOT.

Now THAT is Very, Very, Weird. Seriously.

I thought about this for a few hours before sharing with John, who didn't bat an eye, bless his heart. He just said mildly, "Well, Jul, if you want some hiking boots just go get some. I think that would be a great idea," without even ONCE mentioning the fact that I haven't set foot on a hiking trail while wearing hiking boots and having the actual intent to hike in said boots in at least a decade. Have I ever owned a khaki colored pair of bermuda shorts? I don't think so.

I wondered aloud if maybe I was on the receiving end of a celestial suggestion that I need to get off my fanny and out into nature more. After which John made the observation that our off-road adventure into the mountains last weekend may have triggered my longing to shop for hiking gear.

Notice that I said longing to shop for hiking gear, rather than hiking.

Well, regardless of the motivation, I think I actually will go try on a few pair of boots. I'll wear them around on occasion to break them in, and then....

.....maybe........just maybe........

Does a walk around the block qualify as a hike?


Amy Junod said...

Yes. Yes it does. As a former Cub Scout Den Mom and Eagle Scout Mom- yes.
They really do make some great boots that have great arch support and ankle support.
I say go and get 'em!

ShEiLa said...

Any movement on behalf of someone with auto immune disease is a hike... Ha!


Kelly said...

While you are there, pick up some hiking poles to go with the boots for the walk around the block. THEN the neighbors will know you are a serious walker! I vote for Merrells. I love mine and have been known to wear them to the grocery store, just because I'm in a hiking boot mood.