Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With Friends Like These....

I promised myself that I would NOT write any more wah-wah-wah posts about my hair. Or lack of.

(Not that I wouldn't like to...)

But I just had to share what my supportive BFF Terese gave me to ease my hairstyle woes. She's so sweet, sensitive and caring. I just don't know what I would do without that girl.

The other evening as we were heading out for dinner, she handed me a pretty gift bag.

"For you!" she said cheerily. "Open the card first."

So I did. And here's the cover of said greeting card:

Hm. I knew this had to be related somehow to the incident that I refuse to wah-wah-wah about. I opened the card to read:


(She's right, actually.) Hey. Wait a minute......are you makin' fun of me, MISSY?

"Yes. Yes, I am!"

Sigh. What a friend. The innards of the bag were these lovely wigs, one for me, AND one for my follicularly-challenged husband.

Oooo. In Green Bay Packer colors, no less...

I have to admit, we both look really good with our new 'dos. From behind.

Oh, yeah. I like it. Just wait till I show up some Sunday in the church choir loft wearing her SWEET, SENSITIVE and CARING gift. As she's playing the opening hymn. While prancing around in front of the organ. So that she misses at least ten measures of music.

I'll sweet, sensitive, and caring HER.

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Gill said...

At church wear wig as a cravat over 'frontage', stow mobile phone in usual spot on vibrate mode, get someone to to call mobile as she starts first hymn - BOIIINNNNNGGG! Garunteed to get attention :) :) ;)