Sunday, June 2, 2013

She's At It Again

She's in there somewhere. I just know it. 

The whole process of figuring out what is going on in this old body of mine is frustrating and perplexing.

Several of you have asked a very good question: Why should any of the medications that I have been taking for so many years (Plaquenil included) suddenly cause problems for me?

I don't know the answer to that.

I do, however, have a suspicion that the answer may be less scientific than many have thought. I hate to admit this, but I think that my Bratty Inner Child Julia is somehow responsible.

Yes. She's been quiet for far too long.

But these comments left on an earlier post in which I describe my blood, sweat, and tears left on packages made me think:

Kristen said: Yes! My own sampling of Julia DNA! I'm heading for my petri dish as soon as I get mine! ;o)


Amy said: I was thinking like Kristen- Julia dna! Yea! Knowing my science skills I would end up with a BICJ (Bratty Inner Child Julia) multiplied. My mwaah haa haa moment to turn into YAHHHHH!

Girls. Seriously?!

As an aside, you wouldn't want a clone of ME even without BICJ. My goodness. I.......I can't.......gosh. There's so many reasons why a Julia clone would be a disaster of major proportions that I can't even begin to name them.

But as we all know, a BICJ-free Julia doesn't actually exist. Any Julia clone would include Julia AND BICJ DNA in every cell. Every one. Which would mean that Amy's YAHHHHHHH! moment would be frighteningly accurate.

Yikes. Let's SO not go there, people.

This scary little exercise in imagination did make me realize something, however. I realized that not only would an imaginary Julia clone's cell contain BICJ DNA, but........................

The real Julia's does too. Which means that every single cell in my body (and trust me. That's a LOT of cells) contains BICJ genetic material.

Every cell.

She's capable of creating havoc in every. single. cell of my body.

Doesn't this explain a great deal about the events of the past month or so? I'm certain that good ol' BICJ has been hanging around quietly in my cells, but became bored when things were going in a predictable manner.

Hm. I can just see her rubbing her hands gleefully as she gathered all of my neutrophils and directed the BICJ in each one to take their respective cells for a hike. "Somewhere. Anywhere! Let's make some trouble here!"

Hey. I'll bet all of my neutrophils were so motivated by their own little pieces of BICJ that they took off to go have a mango margarita somewhere. And cake. Definitely cake...


Blogger Mama said...

*Smacking head*

Now you warn me! I've already got a batch growing. I heard it baaa at me yesterday. Oh wait, I think I got my petri dishes mixed up. Have to go straighten that out don't I?


Miki said...

I LOVE this post! Tell BICJ she needs to go on vacation so you can get back to a healthy state(as healthy as you can state anyway! We all know how this goes!)