Friday, June 7, 2013

Not Stupid. It's All I Ask

I'll bet y'all have been just waiting with baited breath to see how my latest hair saga ends.

(I know better. Just humor me here, guys.)

So I made a frantic hair emergency phone call to a really good stylist that I had used before, and she squeezed me into her schedule yesterday.

Thank you thank you thank you...

When I walked into her salon, she gave my hair the once-over then gave me a hug.

"Julia. I'm sorry. So, so sorry...."

I told her that all I wanted from this visit was to be able to walk out her door and not look stupid. That's all. I want NOT for someone to point at my head and comment about my stupid hair. I have no aspirations for anything better than that!

Bottom line? New very, very short hairdo. She had to snip away lots more hair to even things out.....There's a chunk in the back of my head on which the hair measures maybe ONE inch. How does that happen??!??

But, ah well. Life goes on. Hair grows out.

John thinks that I need a good hair tonic to encourage growth -- specifically a gin and tonic.

I'm thinking so too. Cheers.


Annette said...

An inch only! What was she thinking? And the first one thought you would like that!

At least you will be cool this summer (and very different)

Anonymous said...

Dear Julia- if it helps any, please know that someone else has "been there/ done that"... In the hair, smelling, sjogie, dept! I will never ever go back to pixie hair cause no one ever cuts it right! Yeah it grows back but one's ego takes longer to reset to it's formal self lol. I myself would prefer a margarita as an acceptable hair tonic! Hugs -J from Brooklyn

Nicole said...

Cheers to that! (And from what I can see in your picture, I think it looks cute!)

Jan said...

This is why I hate it when a stylist I like and have come to know leaves the area. It's always such a PITA trying to find someone who will cut your hair the way YOU want it, not the way that THEY want it.

My last stylist of several years moved away, and I SOOO don't want to go try to find someone else, I've been cutting my hair myself! Now THAT'S REALLY scary! But even not knowing what I'm doing, I trust myself more than someone new right now.. sheesh.

But alas, it will grow back, Julia... and from the little bit we can see, it does look kinda cute :-)