Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey, Dad! I Really Do Feel Better!

I was visiting with my dad yesterday, and after we discussed all of the Father's day festivities going on at his house (which I didn't attend because he lives a mere two thousand miles away from me, dang) he asked as usual how I was feeling.

And guess what?

I realized that I could FINALLY tell him that I was doing well. And be truthful.


What a long time in coming. After my missing neutrophil incident about a month ago, it's been a long slow climb back to my previous energy levels.

And what an incident that was....

Every now and then I go onto my clinic's website to review my lab results, and this one from back then still gives me pause. See the line for # Neutrophils?

The one that is 0.01 when normal is 1.8 --8.30? I'm thinking the AA in the "flag" column actually means AaaOOOga -- AaaOOOga! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Yeah. Like the robot from Lost in Space.

After this dandy little experience, I just kept plodding along day by day, nap by nap, until last week I realized that the plodding had turned into more of a stumble. And now the stumbling has morphed into something more like my usual gait; which is not fast and not particularly graceful, but overall gets me where I need to go.

Thank goodness. What a blessing to just be able to do simple things like hop into Goldie and go the grocery store, or accept a coffee invitation from friends without breaking out into a cold sweat simply from combing my hair. This level of ability isn't ideal and it certainly doesn't come close to my pre-Sjogren's state but by golly....... it feels like heaven to me right now.

Remind me of this post when I wah-wah-wah about anything less exhausting than the neutrophil incident willya, guys?

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AutoimmuneGal said...

So glad you are back to being out and about and that those neutrophils are behaving again!