Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Facebook Page Done Reasonably Well

On the advice of a few readers, I've created a facebook page for Reasonably Well. You can find it here.


Um. Actually I'm really not sure, except that I thought it may be a good place for sjoggies to dialogue without me dictating the subject.

And because ALL the cool blogs do it. Hopefully this means I won't jump Reasonably Well right off a cliff....just because all the other blogs do it....

Hey. Notice that I actually have HAIR in the picture?!?


Amy Junod said...

Yea! Good on you! My blog page on Facebook is still sitting in waiting for me to finish all the steps they require. I still am not understanding Twitter either. My son looks at me like I'm daft if I ask about it. That "do you like under a rock?" look teenagers do so well.

Christine said...

I have found it a very good thing to have a FB page for my blog. It stimulates conversation more so than the comments section of my blog because some people find that too much work...LOL. I try to use the blog page in a way similar to my personal FB page with the exception of I don't post children's photos, because the page is public, and if something is personal or I don't want the whole world to read it, I save it for my personal FB page.

Anonymous said...

If you showed us a picture of your haircut it would probably generate all kinds of comments.

Julia Oleinik said...

Anonymous -- Sneaky. Very, very sneaky. But it won't work. Pfffttttt.