Thursday, May 23, 2013

Waiting....and Waiting.....and Waiting....

Wake up, already, Lulu....

I am not a good waiter. As in someone who is waiting for something to occur. Which is surprising since I've had lots of practice over the last week. You'd think my patience would be developed to zen master levels by now.

I've been waiting for my next labs to be drawn. Then waiting for the results. Then waiting for my doctor's instructions following said results. Which (aaarrrrrgggghhhh) were, "Let's just wait and see..."

I've been waiting for the opportunity to stick out my arm for yet another blood draw today. And now I'm waiting yet again for the results, and the doctor's instructions. (I'll keep y'all posted.)

In the meantime, I'm stuck here in the house......waiting.......

I've found all sorts of things that I can wait impatiently for. I wait

  • for John to come home from work
  • for Lulu to wake up from her nap
  • for Bev to drive by the house making silly faces at me after stealthily leaving LEMON COOKIE BARS on my front porch
  • for my sister Sue to finally text me her choice of designer shoes to wear at her son's wedding
  • for my kids to call and update me on their day
  • for the mail to come so I can sift through all the stupid junk mail
  • for the Mariners baseball game to start
  • for the Mariners to actually WIN a game
  • for my coffee to brew
  • for John to come home from work
  • for the dryer to finish it's cycle so I have towels to fold and therefore have SOMETHING TO DO
  • for the rain to stop so that Lulu will actually go outside and do what she really needs to do (ahem)
  • for my high-school-aged neighbor to come home from school so I can return his cheerful wave and hear him whistle as he heads inside his house
  • for Terese to come get me to escort me to the lab, even though she would rather go to a Kab, which is what I mis-spelled as we were texting
  • for Lulu to wake up from her nap.......and.....
  • for John to come home from work.

My life is one long string of exciting events. Yawn.

Gee. I wonder when John will be home from work?


kate s. said...

It's time for a viewing marathon. Fire up Netflix or your favorite company and go on a binge.

Mad Men? Game of Thrones? Old mysteries? Old musicals? Weirdly, I find Adam 12, with its formula that it follows every time strangely something. We're talking distraction here.

Hope you know more soon, but in the meantime!

Julie said...

I call RA and Sjogrens, "hurry up and wait" diseases! Hurry up and wait , for the right diagnosis. Hurry up and wait, for a medicine to work...or not work. Hurry up and wait....some more, to try out more meds to quall the autoimmune fire. And hurry up and wait, through days, weeks,months, years of flares.

I wonder when my hubby will be home from work! (heehee, you crack me up, Julia!)

Hoping you get good news, since you've been such a good girl, with the hurry up and wait!

Julie said...

I forgot to add: I sometimes watch "The Waltons" while I am hurrying up and waiting. I call the show, my TV valium. I dont know why, but I find it really calming! Good night, JohnBoy!

Orb Weaver said...

Watch this, STAT!

SLCCOM said...

Search for "Copenhagen Bolero Flash Mob."

It is great!

Looks like LuLu has the "waiting" part down pat.