Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smoothie Strategy

Guys. I'm still firmly in the relentless grip of a sugar/flour/ice cream/pie craving. I'm trying really hard to attribute it all to my recent prednisone burst and taper, but actually this sort of thing happens to me all. of. the. time. Once I'm back down to my baseline dose of pred, my excuse will be gone, and THEN what or who will I blame?

What's that? Why yes, as a matter of fact, my Bratty Inner Child Julia does routinely create caloric havoc, you're right!  I knew that I could count on y'all....

As tasty as this experience has been (Mmmmmmm........pie.........), I'm thinking that at some barely distinguishable level, it's lessening somewhat only because I feel a stronger need to resist. Not that I'm actually RESISTING. But, from somewhere deep inside my newly-created adipose tissue, a faint little pathetic voice is telling me to just stop it, already.


I've been mulling this problem around in my brain for.....oh.....maybe the last ten years or so. Not long, really. And I've decided perhaps it's time for me to try something really different in the substance of one of my three meals.

Even more different than prune pop. Seriously. Which I still enjoy periodically, by the way.

No, this go-around in remedial eating habit changes involves breakfast. Are you ready for this? I'm thinking that I need to start drinking more spinach for breakfast. Yes, I do.

To be clear here, I'm not actually and officially juicing, but just making some trial breakfast smoothies with lots of fresh fruit and veggies like spinach. Why not juicing? Because I really don't want to spend a bunch of money on a really good juicer and then not actually use it. Besides, smoothies just sound much more appealing and satisfying as a breakfast thing, don't you think? And, wouldn't it seem logical that starting the day with a burst of fresh vitamins and phytochemicals and fiber would be just dandy?

John's a bit skeptical. He says that a spinach smoothie would NOT be high on his desirable breakfast item list.

So I tried one this morning. Having no clue whatsoever regarding how to make one of these things correctly, I just dumped some water and spinach into my blender and frappe-ed away until most of the leaves were beaten to teensy pieces. Next, in went a peeled and sliced banana, some really old frozen organic blackberries (I picked the best ones out from all of the freezer-burned ones), a couple of strawberries, and a peeled and cored apple. That was only slightly shriveled.

I tentatively took a sip of the thick, very, very, very GREEN liquid.

Hm. It was good. Not only good, but......really, really good! Where have these things been for my whole life? And why haven't I been notified that a spinach smoothie would be so satisfyingly tasty and un-spinach-y flavored?

So will super spinach smoothies every morning beat back some of the sugar cravings? Time will tell. In the meantime, yum.

Are green smoothies part of your breakfast?

Have any tips or recipes to share?


Leslie at SugarAndSpiceADK. said...

I would perhaps add a little bit of yogurt to your will make it creamier, and add some protein for your breakfast. Otherwise, sounds very delicious and nutritious!

Blogger Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE spinach in my smoothies! It's a great way to sneak in an extra serving of veggies into your day. I add greek yogurt to mine to add some weight to the smoothie so I'm not hungry an hour later.

Sometimes I add coconut water to my pineapple smoothies to add some more nutrients. Yum! Tastes like a virgin pina colada.

Robin said...

I do this with all kinds of fruits and some veggies like spinach or kale, and freshly ground flax seeds--all blended into a base of homemade kefir -- which is very easy to make, much simpler than making yogurt. it is much higher in probiotics and contains beneficial yeasts which can help control harmful yeasts in your body. Also,I use a stick blender which makes it even easier: hardly any cleanup!

Blogger Mama said...

I also add ice cubes to mine at times to make the smoothies cold. Yum!

Unknown said...

I've been doing this for about a month, and I do think my sugar cravings might maybe a little be subsiding...I use frozen mixed berries,half a fresh banana, chia seeds (1TBS..ish)a little chunk of kale or spinach, then v8 (or aldi brand)fruit juice, usually the pomegranite/raspberry I think. I don't put yogurt, ice or water in it because the frozen fruit makes it cold and smooth. I like doing this mid morning. Or when I need my brain to pick up the pace a little bit.

Amy Junod said...

Love spinach. I swear it has helped with Sjogrens. Maybe the high vit K?
Anyway, one of my sons is a juicing nut. When I saw a blueberry/spinach/orange recipe on pinterest I gave it a try. SOOOO good. Spinach is so great because it seems to take on or absorb other flavors it's mixed with. Kinda has a buttery taste too.
I like everyone's additions. We'll all be juicing today!

LM said...

I was on a smoothie kick, then winter came. Seems I drink far more smoothies in the summer. I too, like to add kefir or greek yogurt for some protein. Sounds good. Thanks for the reminder!

Beth said...

I have a green smoothie almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. My favorite mixes are spinach, kale (surprise, who knew kale was not awful?), cucumber, a couple of radish's, some chia seeds,about a cup of frozen mixed fruit (start out with more when you are getting used to the taste) just enough water to hydrate all of it, and some ice cubes to make it more frozen, then drink with a straw.

Beth said...

I forgot the carrots, add carrots!

Andrea said...

I LOVE green smoothies too - my acupuncturist put me onto them a year or so ago. Fresh herbs make a great addition: especially fresh mint - it is sweet and goes with all fruits. Parsley, sorrel and basil are good too.

One important issue to beware of: don't use too many cruciferous veggies raw when you have hashimotos as the veggies have a goitrogenic effect.

Kelly said...

She fights to the finich, 'cause she eats her spinach! Go Julia!