Friday, May 10, 2013

Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Patient Education Sheet: Difficulty Swallowing


Anonymous said...

This sheet isn't formatting properly on my screen, the right half of the article is cut off. I've tried to do a search for it on the Sjogren's site but I'm not coming up with anything by searching with the key word 'swallow'. Can you either repost this information or let me know how to find it on the Sjogren's site. Thanks so much.

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi ChrissieE; you can read all of the SSF patient education sheets here:

Here's how I found them: On the SSF home page, go to the header and click on "About Sjogren's" . A drop down menu will appear, then click on "Brochures and Resource Sheets"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julia!!