Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Save My Bings

If you were an annoying little cherry-eating thief bird, would this keep you and all of your little larcenous buddies out of my cherry trees?

 It's a plastic hawk that swings in the wind and has a piercing stare. 

So that these little green fruits can get all deep red and juicy and sweet and delicious? So that they can be devoured by John and me?

Please say yes. We have three beautiful trees that are loaded with fruit this year. Last year, the birds ate every. single. cherry. off of our trees.

Lulu says she'll keep guard, but there's only so much one little schnauzer can do.


Lisa said...

Well ... you could sit in your rocking chair on the porch and periodically shoot rifle blanks ...but short of covering the trees with bird netting - Good Luck!

Heda said...

Go Lulu

Shara from Seattle said...

How can you blame them? I'd sit under the tree and eat them till I was sick! Okay, sicker. Have you tried to give them something like...Bird food in a feeder.

Kelly said...

I found that offering bird food to the birds only encouraged them to invite their friends and relatives into my yard where they feasted not only on the offered bird food but my cherries, persimmons and nectarines as well, taking one huge peck out of every single Fuyu persimmon as they got ripe. The nectarines and cherries fared somewhat better as there were more of them and there is lots of other fruit around at that time since I live in fruit-growing country. By persimmon time though, pretty much nothing is left but the persimmons.

My marauding finches (such cute little birds!) seemed completely unconcerned by an ACTUAL hawk circling overhead, so I doubt they'd be put off by a plastic one that doesn't move for very long, but it's worth a try.

My money is on Lulu!