Friday, May 3, 2013


Gorgeous flamingo image found on Wikimedia Commons, here. 

Ok. Fine.

I now have equal and opposite bun muscle pains after my latest aqua yoga class. Satisfied?

And the reason is probably due to this newest pose: the flamingo.
Image found here

Yes -- FLAMINGO. So this is not as easy as this cheerful youngster pictured above makes it appear, especially when one is floating in waist high water and trying to balance a plus sized body on one foot while attempting to outstretch the arms gracefully WHILE smiling.

I tried to demonstrate the pose to Pinky, but he was not impressed. He said that feather-less and non-pink individuals bobbing around in a swimming pool could not possibly resemble the grace and dignity of a flamingo. Ever.

Especially since our knees bend the wrong way.

He has a valid point.

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