Thursday, May 30, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

I'll bet that all the Creativity Challenge prize winners are sitting around thinking, "Huh. Haven't seen any PRIZES appear in my mailbox. The whole thing was probably just a ruse to get my address so that Julia can sell it to junk mail companies..."

But hold on there, folks. Let's not jump to any conclusions.

Here's proof positive that your prizes are indeed on their way, as shown in this photo; which taken immediately before said prizes were whisked off to the local post office.

And I want y'all to know that these little goodies were hand wrapped by ME and probably contain my blood, sweat, and tears  on them somewhere....I suppose it really wasn't a safe decision to arm prednisone-shaky-me with a sharp instrument.

It's one of the few tasks that's been completed around my house by ME instead of John in the past few weeks.

See? See how DEDICATED I am to my readers?

Um. Some of them were wrapped and labeled more tidily than others. So all you lucky winners can guess where your particular package was in the line-up for completion.


Blogger Mama said...

Yes! My own sampling of Julia DNA! I'm heading for my petri dish as soon as I get mine! ;o)

Amy Junod said...

I was thinking like Kristen- Julia dna! Yea! Knowing my science skills I would end up with a BICJ (Bratty Inner Child Julia) multiplied. My mwaah haa haa moment to turn into YAHHHHH!

I knew you were feeling less than reasonably well- no worries!

Debbie said...

You are so kind Julia...I really didn't expect anything but thanks in advance.

Cindy Loomis-Torvi said...

Good for you, Julia! I'm not a winner, but I understand the blood, sweat and tears thing. Spent May 31 at my son's graduation mass and high school graduation exercises. This meant dressing up (sweat), which in our rainy season meant pants, Thank God, and unfortunately dress shoes. I haven't been in dress shoes in a year (blisters on feet later), and my feet voiced their complaints immediately. Then as I got out of the vehicle, I caught myself on the edge of the door (blood). I had only three hours of sleep the night before,and was simply glad to get through the day. The rain held off for much of the day, or just rained in between events, the relatives and friends were well behaved, dinner went off quite well, and after taking home everyone and running to the store with my poor husband (he worked overnight so he could attend), I left my purse in a grocery cart. Thanks to some lovely people I got it back. But it was truly a case of too much going on in one day. Glad you got your mailings done!