Monday, May 20, 2013

A Simple Request

See? Isn't this porch just begging to be danced upon? 

I've spent the whole weekend avoiding infections on "house arrest" since my white blood counts bottomed out, and gee whiz. This is getting old. And it's only been for a few days! My friend Bev called to cheer me up.

"Girl. Is there ANYTHING that I can do for you? Anything?"

Well. I had to think about that. Aha. I know, Bev! See the main thing here is that I'm bored bored bored bored bored.

"Don't you have a whole closet full of movies?"


"And is your computer working?"

Yes, it is.

"And don't you have marvelous friends that call you and have interesting conversations?"

Hoo boy. Bev had just told me all about her rooster and with lady chickens. She has the coolest chicken coop ever that they call Cluckingham Palace.

Yes, Bev, I'd have to say our discussion today was.......unusually entertaining.

"Well, then."

I KNOW! Hey, girl! What I need is some live entertainment, not something on my computer or on the tv. Why don't you come on over, I'll sit on the couch inside the house and watch out the window while you do an interpretive dance on my front porch? How cool would that be?!?

*cricket cricket cricket* The phone was curiously silent.

Wait. I thought you said that you would do anything for me.

"Girl, I would. REALLY. But if I were dancing around naked on your front porch....."

Ahem. I don't recall saying anything about nakedness, Missy.

"....then all these spectators would come over and cause a traffic jam in front of your house. And then somebody would call the police because there would be so many people there watching me dance. And then all the men there would try to talk to me and get my phone number, and then (her husband) would be all upset. And a fight would probably break out. Honestly? I just don't think it would work."

OK. I think the only person in the world that would make the leap logically between dancing and dancing NUDE would be my friend Bev. Which is why I love her to death.

Ahhh. Good friends are such good medicine. I hope my neutrophils agree.


Heda said...

Yikes just catching up with your posts after a busy weekend. Fingers, toes and everything else that is possible to cross crossed that your count goes up fast.
Naked dancing? If that's your cup of tea...

Julie said...

Now THAT is what I would call a real friend, if they agreed to that type of outdoor entertainment! I can tell that Bev "almost" committed to the idea.. But she has bigger fish (or chicken) to fry, if she has to worry about the relationships of her chickens and Mr. Rooster! Maybe they need some entertainment,too. haha

Good luck with getting your cell count up. And with trying to think of something to do, that helps with the boredom!

Bev said...

What friends will do for friends!! To the moon and back!!