Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rib Tickling Good

Initially after our sad Maggie incident and my injury, my friends, y'all included, were a great source of consolation. And Terese and Greg were sympathetic and supportive, until Missy Terese discovered my newest goober-inducing acquisition.

I've never been anything other than a klutz even at my best. But having my hand in this splint makes matters exponentially worse, especially since it's on my dominant left hand.

We all went out for dinner the other night, and being the ideal best friend EVAR, (pffffttttt), Terese seized the opportunity to document what appeared to be a potential goober of enormous proportions, seeing as we had chosen to meet at a rib restaurant. Because photodocumentation of Julia goobers is one of her most enjoyable hobbies. Sad, but true. And I can't say as I blame her. I've produced some real goodies. Could YOU eat barbecued ribs dripping with sauce goober-free if YOUR dominant hand was wrapped and splinted?

I suppose I should have squirted the BBQ sauce directly on my food, instead of into my mouth......

Meanwhile, Greg was having fun with his dinner's completely chomped clean rib bones by doing an amazingly accurate impression of the Lion King character Pumba.

Hm. I am just now realizing that I didn't get a copy of THAT picture.

Aren't you glad that you weren't trying to eat a peaceful, dignified meal -- in the same restaurant as us? It probably was a good thing that the wait staff didn't seat anyone else near our boisterous table.

Ahh. Good friends know when silliness is the very best medicine of all.

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